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Hiking the Bibbulmun Track, Australia

Southwest Australia is one of the worlds 25 biodiversity hotspots and this walk will take you through many of the habitats that make this region so spectacular and world renowned. The entire walk takes six to eight weeks to complete or can be done in shorter stages and is exclusively for walkers only, if you are interested in mountain biking please see the Munda Biddi trail article. The Munda Biddi trail takes a similar course and runs from Kalamunda to Albany as well.

Towns along the trail can be days apart, the longest being 12 days walk so it is important that you carry plenty of food and water. The only source of water on the track is at the campsites which are located a days walk apart, the rain is collected in rainwater tanks which are not filled by any other means. Water may be limited after summer so if you are planning on walking in April/May keep this in mind.

Unlike other famous trails the Bibbulmun is not very crowded and it could be days between seeing other hikers. But it can get busy on long weekends and holidays particularly at the campsites that are easily accessible.

When to go:

Temperatures in the region varies during the year, summer (December – March) is hot and dry with bush fires being a real threat. So the track should be walked in the cooler months (notice cooler- don’t be surprised if in the middle of winter there is at least a few days with temps above 25OC) any time between April and November. October and November can be really hot and dry, and nights get cold in late winter and early spring. Most rain falls in July and August and the southern half of the trail tends to get more rain.

The wildflower season peaks in September and October, can vary based on rainfall and temperatures. The bush comes alive with hundreds of different flowers and colours and should be seen.

Mosquitoes are found throughout the year on the track and the open shelters don’t provide protection from them so a mosquito net is recommended to prevent possible infection with River Ross Virus, some walkers will use the shell (sealed inner) from their tent for protection.


The track can be walked in both directions, with walkers choosing the direction that suits them or is easier to travel too (more on this later). The most common way to walk is from north to south. The track passes through the towns of Kalamunda, Dwellingup, Collie, Balingup, Pemberton, Northcliffe, Walpole, Denmark and Albany where hikers stay for one or two nights to resupply, wash their clothes and enjoy the hospitality.

The track is well marked with triangular markers with a snake on it, although snakes are commonly found in the bush it is not a warning to walkers, the snake is the Waugal which is a mythological rainbow serpent from the Aboriginal dreamtime. The track is broken down into 9 sections with 8 maps:

Getting There:

If you are walking the entire track you will need to get to/from Kalamunda and Albany. The northern trailhead is on the corner of Mundaring Weir Road and Railway Road, Kalamunda. From the Esplanade busport in Perth you can catch the 282, 296, 299 buses. Check out Transperth for timetables and fees. A taxi from Perth cbd to Kalamunda cost approximately Aud$55, and Aud$36 from the Airport.

The southern trailhead is 409km south of Perth at the Old Railway Station on Proudlove Parade, Albany. Transwa provides buses between Perth and Albany for Aud$59.90 one way. Skywest provides flights to and from Albany for min $186.

Transwa also offers buses from many of the towns along the track to Perth if you want a shorter walk.


For the majority of the walk you will be camping. There are 49 campsites spaced a day’s walk apart and each has a three-sided timber shelter and are designed to sleep 8-15 people. They are free and offered on a first come first served basis so you should be bring a tent for times when the shelter is full. Each campsite also has a sit-down pedestal pit toilet, rainwater tank, picnic tables and tent sites.

In the towns there are no campsites so you will need to stay in alternative accommodation,


Their are no fees to walk the track and stay at the campsites, you will need to pay for accommodation in the towns, food, maps and equipment. There are 8 water resistant rip-proof colour maps that cover the entire track and are essential when taking on the Bibbulmun track as well as 2 compact guidebooks which show car access points, campsites, terrain profiles and distance tables. These are available here, and at some visitor information centres.

Individual maps (1-8) cost Au$11.50 each ($92 total)


Northern half map pack (1 to 4) cost Au$42

Southern half map pack (5 to 8) cost Au$42 ($84 total)

Northern Guidebook – covers Kalamunda to Donnelly River Village and includes map 1 to 4 cost Au$35

Southern Guidebook – covers Donnelly River Village to Albany and includes map 5 to 8 cost Au$35

Guided or Solo:

This is a walk that is best done at your own pace and with your own itinerary, if you want to stay a couple of days in a town go ahead or want to skip one you can. But because of the length of time required (not many people have 8 weeks free), or lack of hiking experience there are tours along the track that take in the best sections. The foundation offers tours in May and September that run for 9 days.

Enjoy Hiking on Oahu Island!

Mountain peaks covered with eye catching greenery, surrounded by crystal clear water and blue sky above can be observed in one place, and that is “Oahu Island” in Hawaii. It is the third biggest island of Hawaii. The beauty of the island cannot be conveyed in words. It is a peaceful resort where people come to enjoy their vacations.

If you are passionate about Hiking, Oahu island provides you the opportunity to enjoy. The island has many interesting trails, natural elevations and slope to experience. Many of the trails were laid down by the people who first came to Hawaii. To assist people, the state of Hawaii does not charge a single penny. Similarly, using tracks for hiking is totally free. No expense incurs over hiring a navigator.

The Hawaii Sierra club offers free excursion plans for hiking, along with the navigators. Log into the club’s website to find details, and plan your vacations in Oahu. Various hiking plans are available on the site for you to select.

If you decide to go for hiking alone, or in a group of two or three. It is advised to contact Na Ala Hele. It is a section of the forestry department, which can assist you in knowing the trails across the mountains and the forest. The department also provides you details about the safety procedures, and guide you through trail maps.

The elevated lands, steeps turns and hills make hiking very much different from the areas near the city. The administrations fully support you to make your trip memorable. You are strictly instructed to take care, and not to harm or destroy the natural habitat. You are allowed to take along the plants, flowers, leaves or ferns against permit issued by the authorities. This is done in order to maintain natural resources on the Island. All guidelines for safe hiking are available on the web, or can be obtained from the administration in the printed form.

Honolulu, a place where nature speaks for itself is worth visiting. The most famous hikes can be listed as;

Diamond Heads Trail: The hike is famous for a 225 foot long tunnel. The amazing part you can observe is the array of light coming across the tunnel, which resembles a flashlight. People come here and enjoy this place for a picnic.

Aiea Loop Trail: The trail at the Keaiwa Heiau State Park is open for bikers. The place, is at an extreme height, with steep cliffs and hills. The healing temple, forests of eucalyptus is the prominent features on the hill. From this point you can clearly view majestic canyons, Pearl Harbor, Koolau range and central Oahu.

Manoa Falls: It is a lovely waterfall, but a dangerous place for swimming. People are allowed to enjoy the landscape from a safe distance. The danger of trembling rocks is always present.

Maunawilie Falls Trail: Meanwhile, fall leads to the foot of the Koolau Mountains. The place is worth visiting in the summer. White and yellow ginger and mountain apple tree adds beauty to the mountain scenery.

Best Foods Around the World

This article is especially for all you foodies and passionate travelers. In the past few years, traveling has been pretty much my main activity. Traveling the world has helped learn so much about the different cultures and unique cuisines.

Masala Dosa, India

Chutney, pickles, tomatoes, lentils and a wrap made out of rice, this dish is a gem of Indian Cuisine. It is pretty complex to make but Indian chefs are an expert and don’t make you wait too long. India’s best Masala Dosa is found in Banglore.

Crayfish meatballs, New Zealand

This mind-blowing dish served at Badduzi in Auckland, New Zealand is an instant favorite for those who try it for the first time. The juicy meatballs are the highlight of this dish.

Beef Burger, Global

The In-N-Out fast food chain serves the best burgers. You can try out these popular burgers in different locations all across the world. The chain exists in United States, Bermuda, Canada etc.

Fish and Chips, Britain

This simple yet delightful dish needs no introduction. It is famous all across the world. However the most deliciously cooked fish and best tartar sauce is definitely served in Britain.

Donuts, United States

United States is not only popular for its beauty but also donuts. You will find a very unique and delicious variety of donuts in cafes and bakeries of America. Don’t worry about the calories, because these are a must try.

Tom yum goong, Thailand

Tom yum goong is a spicy and sour clear soup found in the menus of Thai restaurants all across the globe, yet of course the most authentic one is served at its birthplace, Thailand. It is definitely a dish for the bold ones who have the guts to try out spicy dishes.

Hamburger, Germany

The Germans really know how to make a hamburger. If you are in Berlin or in fact any German city, don’t miss out on tasting it.

Sushi, Japan

Sushi is another dish that needs no introduction. We should thank the Japanese everyday for creating this divine dish.

Pizza Capriccioso, Italy

Whether it is Rome, Florence, Venice or Verona, Italy hands down has the best pizzas. Pizza Capriccioso is the most unique and rich flavor. It truly is worth trying.

Rendang, Indonesia

Rendang is a spicy meat dish of Indonesia that is served on ceremonial occasions. It is also widely popular in Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia.

Donor Kebab, Turkey

This Turkish dish is not only common in Turkey but also Europe and Middle East etc. Kebab wrapped in a flatbread with cucumbers, onion, tomatoes is an amazing combination.